Who am I?

Name: Selina Burch

Age: 25

Address: Giswil, OW and Zollikofen, Bern

Job: Scientific researcher

Education: Student of Health science and technologie at ETH Zürich

Categorie: Elite

Club: RMC Obwalden, rmc-ow.ch

Team: Superkool Cycling Team

Hobbies: road cycling, mountain unicycling, jogging, cross-country skiing, mountainbiking, track cycling, cooking and baking

Coach: under my own regime

Results/ Highlights: participation on diverse races abroad; in particular the multi-stage race in Spain, in Februar 2019

My strenghts: stamina, weatherproof, downhill skills

My weaknesses: sprints, mountainbike skills, heat

Goals: to push my own limits „Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits“

My Motto: Failure is when you stop trying

If you break, you’ll lose

Rain, snow, hail or storm – Everything is better than an indoor session

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