Why should YOU support me?

I also need your help in 2021!

This will already be my fifth season in which I am racing. During the first year it was all about taking part. I was always very happy to be on a bike with other female cyclists because at home I often trained alone or in company of men.

In my second year I was a bit too motivated. I spent the autumn and the beginning of our winter in Melbourne, Australia. There I got to know a lot of good friends. They told me I had potential and should make more out of it. So back in Switzerland I was training a lot, probably too much. So my second year ended in a disaster. I had to stop my season prematurely because of health issues. My energy level was on a low point.

Once that decision was made, I knew I had to change something in order to improve my health. From last years performance test I knew Fabian Neunstöcklin. He is a sport scientist. I contacted him again and hired him as my coach.

The goal for the third year was set on the endurance training. The aim was to avoid having any syncopes and to finish all the races where I lined up. I was able to fulfill this intention by doing what was written on my structured training schedule. Speaking of results, that year was not looking so great. I lacked the necessary power to go with the first groups. But this however was never the object of my training plans. Unfortunately though, nobody knew that and so I did not get qualified to start on another race with the national team.

This year will be the fourth year doing competitions. At the same time it will be the last year that I am able to race as a U23 cyclist.

Why do I need YOUR help?

I am studying in my sixth year Health science and technologie at the ETH Zürich. I am doing that as a full-time student. Besides that I am training between 12-25 hours a week with one rest day. At the same time I am working as a tutor. In addition to all that, I am the tour guide of my club: RMC Obwalden.

To be able to continue like that, I need YOUR help.

For what do I need YOUR financial support?

Unfortunately cycling is not the cheapest sport that you can choose but it is the best. The changing of wearouts (like tires, break pads, chains, gearshift cable or tyres) as well as repair work and the bikes themselves are very expensive. Training camps and the journeys to the races are not for free either. Furthermore I have a coach whom I need to pay. Also the investments for clothes, food and drinks add up.

What do you get if YOU support me?

If you have a logo I will post that on this website. I will also mention you with a hashtag on my posts from Instagram and Facebook. Depending on how much you would like to pay I am delighted to put a sticker of you on my helmet. As I am always training outside on the roads a lot of people would see that and I could make some advertisement for you.

Of course you are also invited to come along for a ride with me. And if you are interested in having a go on a unicycle I would love to teach you.

How can YOU support me?

If you are interested you can contact me with the contact form. All other details can be discussed privately.

Thanks a lot for reading until here!

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